August 19, 2015

After finalizing some minor things in the lot check process, Europe will finally see the release of Cube Creator 3D tomorrow on August 20th. Anyone with Nintendo eShop access will be able to download the game directly to their 3DS for only €7.50 / £5.25. Don't worry, the free V1.1 Update is already in the works. We hope you enjoy it!

June 25, 2015

Your turn, Europe! Cube Creator 3D was submitted to lot check this week, too! Once approved, we'll get a release date that we'll post right away. We've had quite a few things to wait for (ratings agencies, language translations, etc), but now we're in the home stretch, and we're really looking forward to sharing CC3D with you shortly...

June 23, 2015

We’re excited to finally announce that our free Cube Creator 3D V1.1 update is in lot check awaiting approval by Nintendo. The approval process typically takes 30 days. Once approved, we’re given a release date that we can pass along to you so you can update your game right away upon release.

Now, onto the exciting part: the new goodies in the update...

We’ve added two new environments which we’re calling Fantasia and Inferno; Fantasia features massive multi-colored trees sprouting from a rolling landscape, and Inferno boasts a lava-filled atmosphere surrounded by a rocky, mountainous terrain with floating basalt islands above.

The two new environs also feature new enemies which we’ll announce with screenshots very soon; they will certainly make your survival quest more challenging. With regard to blocks, we’ve added three new block types: marble, basalt (volcanic rock), and purple leaves. In Survival Mode, you’ll be able to collect these other block types: light and dark tree wood (wood planks crafted from tree wood), and coal and diamond ore (coal and diamond crafted from ore).

We’re excited about the eight new Texture Packs we’ve added in the update as well; these different texture packs will give your Cube Creator 3D experience a stunning, new makeover. We’ll reveal each of them with screen shots in the next several days, too.

We’ve got new music built into this update, too. Each world comes with a different selection of tracks.

This update also incorporates the use of ladders. Players can now ascend walls with the use of ladders, instead of having to build steps/stairs. Grass will now spread to other nearby grass in the update. Liquid cube editing is also enhanced: water and lava can be targeted/stacked/removed directly.

The performance of the game is improved with the update. Players can fly faster and add/subtract cubes faster in Creative Mode. Players can now customize their Survival Mode campaign; they can select which four worlds they’d like to explore at the start, including saved Creative environments. Players will also be able to transfer worlds between Creative and Survival Mode. Loading and modifying worlds is also enhanced. Finally, several bug fixes will enrich gameplay via the free V1.1 update.

These additions, and ones we’re already planning to make in the next update (yes, we hear you about multiplayer J), are all thanks to you, the users who are playing and sharing your creations from Cube Creator 3D. Without your suggestions, the updates wouldn’t be anywhere near as robust as they are. We’re appreciative of everyone supporting our efforts with Cube Creator 3D. Please keep letting us know how we can improve the game even more via the site, or via social media:

-Ken and the crew at BJG

May 28, 2015

We are just a couple of weeks away from submitting Cube Creator 3D to Lot check for European release in the eShop. After language translations and meeting ratings requirements, the game is just about ready for submission. We’ll make an announcement once we receive a release date for the European eShop. It’s coming, Europe friends! Stay tuned... 

May 26, 2015

Hello again, Cube Creator friends. We wanted to let you know that we’re making tons of progress on our first free update for Cube Creator 3D. Let’s just say that this first update release will be extensive. Thanks to your generous input, we have quite a long list of improvements and bug fixes that will be upgraded and enhanced. Here are the items we’re currently adding: two new environments, new features to existing environments, new enemies, ladders, several new block types, several texture packs, the ability to transfer environments between creative and survival modes, several bug fixes, and improved loading time and performance.

We’ve begun the initial planning stages for adding multi-player, but it will not be functional in time for the first update. This is a huge undertaking and will need more time and energy in development. The good news is we are nearly complete with our list of improvements, and plan to submit to Nintendo by mid-June. Again, this update will be completely free for everyone who’s purchased Cube Creator 3D from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. To those playing, creating, and sharing your designs, we thank you kindly; we’re lucky to have such a great group of users who are enjoying the game.

May 4, 2015

We've put together a short compilation list of reviews for Cube Creator 3D. Have a look...

Nintendo Fever – 8.5/10 Rating – “With the possibilty of future title updates and Big John continuing to highlight user creations on social media and Miiverse it wont be long before Nintendo fans embrace Cube Creator as their own.” -

8-Worlds News – 7.5/10 Rating - “Creative mode is perfect, and will satiate that need to place blocks and build castles that we all have deep inside.” -

Nintendo Life – 7/10 Rating - “Cube Creator 3D's simple presentation offers enough that it successfully manages to capture the adventurous spirit that made its inspiration such a runaway success. As its own experience, Cube Creator 3D stands up well as an entertaining game.” - 

Nintendo Enthusiast – 7/10 Rating – “those looking for a solid crafting experience will get much enjoyment from Cube Creator 3D.” -

3DS View – No Rating Score – “Offers hours and hours of entertainment in both survival/creative modes. Highly recommended.” -