Cube Creator 3D Review Round-Up

We've put together a short compilation list of reviews for Cube Creator 3D. Have a look...

Nintendo Fever – 8.5/10 Rating – “With the possibilty of future title updates and Big John continuing to highlight user creations on social media and Miiverse it wont be long before Nintendo fans embrace Cube Creator as their own.” -

8-Worlds News – 7.5/10 Rating - “Creative mode is perfect, and will satiate that need to place blocks and build castles that we all have deep inside.” -

Nintendo Life – 7/10 Rating - “Cube Creator 3D's simple presentation offers enough that it successfully manages to capture the adventurous spirit that made its inspiration such a runaway success. As its own experience, Cube Creator 3D stands up well as an entertaining game.” - 

Nintendo Enthusiast – 7/10 Rating – “those looking for a solid crafting experience will get much enjoyment from Cube Creator 3D.” -

3DS View – No Rating Score – “Offers hours and hours of entertainment in both survival/creative modes. Highly recommended.” -