Smash Bowling 3D out August 8 on Nintendo 3DS eShop

Bowling aficionados will have cause for joy come August 8 -- Smash Bowling 3D will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

The game expands our sports line that has proven to be quite successful with the Big Bass Arcade fishing series.

With Smash Bowling 3D we aimed to create the perfect bowling experience, providing two control methods: touch screen and button. Accurate ball and pin physics were created to make it the most authentic bowling game on the eShop. The result? A wonderful bowling experience -- even if you have to contend with a 7-10 split!

A pass-around multiplayer mode allows everyone to get in on the fun, while our practice mode allows aspiring bowlers to set their own pin layouts.

18 trophies are yours to be won, as well as unlockable bowling ball designs, and vibrant bowling alleys. Bowlers can even track their career statistics!

Visit the game's page to find out more about Smash Bowling 3D.