Review Roundup - Smash Bowling 3D

Our goal for Smash Bowling 3D was to make an accurate representation of bowling that does three things: is fun, is easy to control, and feels like, well, bowling.

Now that the reviews are in, it looks as though we accomplished our goals. As a new game in our sports line, it's nice to see we started out on a high note. Read below to see what the gaming press is saying about Smash Bowling 3D. says "Smash Bowling 3D offers up some traditional bowling fun," and "if you are looking for a good game to play while traveling, then here's your choice."

Bit Size Reviews gave us 8 out of 10 (we'd love to link to the review, but the blog is currently down), citing the tight controls, fun unlockables, career tracking, and short learning curve as highlights of the game.

Family Friendly Gaming decided an 89 out of 100 was Smash Bowling's fate because of many things, but really praised "one of the best practice modes" ever seen in a bowling game.

Digitally Downloaded loves our control schemes.

And finally, First Comics News says this is a "solid" starting point for a bowling game.

Enjoy our new game, and thanks for playing!