PLACE YOUR BETS. Big John Games Announces Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots & Games For Nintendo WiiWare

Minneapolis, MN, July 29, 2010 – Finally bring the entire slot experience home! Win big jack pots, earn access to VIP suites, discover six exciting adventure based bonus games, and use your winnings to purchase items for your suite. Players can win awards and achievements to put on display in their suites. Enjoy two classic three reel slots, Diamonds and Cherries. Five reel multi line bonus games include Gold Rush, Pirate Cove, King Arthur’s Excalibur and many more! Available on August 2, 2010, Fantasy Slots will be your best bet! Exciting features include:

High Roller Suites: Live like a VIP while customizing your own high roller suite with paintings, pool tables, furniture and much more.

Bonus Games: Six great games to challenge your nerves. Once the bonus games are unlocked you will have unlimited access to play and add to your winnings.

Unlockables: Achievements are tracked and awarded for exceptional play.

Fantasy Slots is 700 Wii Points™ and will be available for download on WiiWare™. Rated T for Teen. For more information including the Fantasy Slots trailer and screen shots visit