Ohnos Invade the Office

If you follow us on social media or visit our site from time to time, you've probably noticed our new game, Ohno Odyssey, by now.

It was just a suggestion, but one thing the team thought about was the possibility of making some real Ohnos instead of just virtual ones. What started out as a possible marketing and public relations idea (sending out Ohnos to video game journalists would certainly garner some attention), has evolved into a stitching fest and multiple green spheres hanging out in the office. 

Thankfully the clumsiness of the Ohnos hasn't set the office into disarray. Instead, they've offered up members of the team (a big thanks to digital artist Andrew Larson and programmer Ryan Appel for putting in the time to create the Ohnos) a chance to get their stitching on.

There have been some bumps along the way. If you look at our first Ohno below you'll notice something: he's a bit top-heavy. His slightly-too-large antenna made him the lucky recipient of the nickname, "Frankenohno."

After the initial design hiccups the Ohnos have looked more like, well, Ohnos.

We don't have a concrete plan for the Ohnos just yet (frankly, we're having too much fun with them around the office), but we can say this: fans of the little green aliens will have a chance to win one.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media to learn how to get your hands on one -- and be prepared for what could be a creative contest! 

As with every game we develop, we're quite proud of Ohno Odyssey. Having played it repeatedly during playtesting, the team is quite confident players will get a kick out of the action-puzzle game we've created.

On a side note, Big John Games president Ken Patterson was able to get 3D printings of two Ohnos. They turned out superbly, and you can check out the tiny one below.