Ohno Odyssey Photo Contest Winners!

Before the recent holiday we held a photo contest asking for either a photograph or a Photoshopped image. Well, you guys did a fine job of sending in entries, and we've collected all of the images and posted them below for your enjoyment. 

A big thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun; you all made the contest and release of Ohno Odyssey something truly special. Now then, on to the images!

To start off we have Spaceship Earth at Disney's Epcot turning into something much, much cooler.  

These skydivers not only have Ohnos for heads, but it seems as though these Ohnos have magically grown limbs!

Dubbed Mariohno by his creator, this fusion of Super Mario and an Ohno is a blast from the past. How cool would it be to have a Nintendo level in Ohno Odyssey? The ball is in your court, Nintendo...

Buzz Lightyear is a good toy. Here he is saving an Ohno and most likely preparing to fly him back into space. Just don't let Buzz know he can't actually fly. 

The Twitter user who sent this in named the Ohno something special: Landohno. While Star Wars fans will understand why he did that, we'll just say we like this photograph thanks to its spacefaring duo. And talk about that moustache...

A big thank you to all who entered! We have notified those who will be getting an Ohno plushie!