To Nippon: Big John Games is now releasing titles in Japan

Big John Games is proud to have reached another milestone – releasing its games in Japan.

By partnering with Arc System Works (Guilty Gear series, BlazBlue), the Edina, MN based studio will now see Coaster Creator 3D, renamed Let's Make a Jet Coaster 3D for Japan's market, available for download in the land of the rising sun.

President Ken Patterson sees it as a high point in the studio's history.

“Bottom line: we are happy about our partnership with Arc Systems Japan and Coaster Creator 3D becoming Let's Make A Jet Coaster 3D and becoming available in Japan,” Patterson said. “We consider it an honor to have our American made games available for sale and play in Japan.”

The game, released on July 24, won't be the last of Big John Games products to reach the country's gamers. However, the upcoming games to be released across the ocean are yet to be announced, but we'll keep you posted.

Aside from a name change and localization, Coaster Creator 3D received a new character design seen below. Those of you who've played the game will recognize the veteran coaster designer, though he is now sporting a Dr. Wily-esque hairdo.

Coaster design is tough work.