Big John Games Presents at IGDA Twin Cities

On Wednesday night our team was invited to an International Game Developers Association (IGDA) event to talk about our Leap Motion game, Catch up Calu!, Ohno Odyssey, and how our first game sold in Japan is doing. 

Upcoming Nintendo 3DS eShop game Ohno Odyssey was touched on briefly -- specifically the gameplay and how we tried to incorporate more character into the game by giving our little green aliens an eclectic mix of emotions, a voice, and prominence in the story.

"We really put time into generating a look and feel in character for the Ohnos," Big John Games president Ken Patterson said, also showing off some 3D printing toys and Ohno plushies the company has been working on as contest rewards for fans.

The audience of nearly 50 people also got to see a video of Ohno in action. You can also see video of Ohno if you visit our YouTube page!

This Ohno does not like smashing into crates.

Patterson also gave a little insight into the company's history, and how Coaster Creator 3D made its way into the Japanese video game market. One of the big success stories about being in Japan is that Coaster has sold quite well, making it an exciting time for Big John Games.

"I let them know that Coaster in Japan made over 15 million Yen (about $152,000)," Patterson said, adding that it's making a profit for the company.

This isn't the fist time Big John Games has been asked to speak at an IGDA event, and last time the team presented it was focused on Coaster, so it was nice to give a little update on the title.

Patterson also announced how after just over three years the company generated $1 million in sales, and is on track to make that same amount in 18 months.

He also commented that as an organization bringing developers, designers, and students together, IGDA is important.

"IGDA is really important," Patterson said. "It's a great place for professionals, enthusiasts, and students to network, learn about the business, share projects, and share knowledge. The guys are really committed and you feel comfortable speaking there. It fills a really important need for people who are interested not just in games, but in the industry."